Erotic Massages: The Ideal Way to Relax and Reenergize


There are several forms of erotic massages – tantric, nuru, body to body, prostate, etc; and some of these have been around for as long as the pleasure of sensual touch has been discovered. According to Kama Sutra, the bible of erotic pleasure, erotic massages are mentioned as an ideal activity to precede intercourse, so the partners can get into the mood of love making. Through the years, erotic massages have become popularly used worldwide. Pleasure seekers love to receive nuru, tantric, or body to body (b2b) massage, and they often visit their favorite massage studios or call a visiting massage services to their apartments or hotels.

The massage is not done in accordance with the traditional massages that we generally know about. It is a stimulating and sensual experience that is based on Tantra teachings to raise the levels of sensual arousal, although it does not necessarily mean that the giver and the receiver should engage in physical activity. While erotic massages do not aim at an orgasm, the touches of the masseuses which are very sensuous, and the skin to skin contact during the session cause the massage to become sexual. The tantric, nuru and the b2b require that both the masseuse and the subject are naked, in contrast to the common massage therapies where the subject’s body is covered by towel. The tantric masseuse has to be cautious and should dedicate thoughts and attention while performing. She has her own principles and she should not cross the border of these principles, and the law as well. A professional massage therapist knows exactly where the fine line between sexuality and sensuality is drawn. The masseuse also has the power to read the subject’s body with her hands. She will use featherlike touches, firm pressure and flowing strokes to tease and delight the receiver. In a body to body massage, the therapist will cover the client’s body with her own, and the sliding and gliding enhance the level of arousal and intimacy which leads to the release of stress. In actual fact, erotic massages have very simple principle: the higher the degree of sexual arousal the more the body is able to release the stresses and tension that has built up over time and block the mind and the body. You will be freed from these issues and you will feel relaxed and reenergized. The massage is recognized worldwide as being an important and ideal way to rejuvenate and experience extreme happiness.

Any type of erotic massage can’t be substituted by a commonly known massage. This is a special form of massage that is intended to give you the ability to overcome physical and emotional limitations. After an intense therapy, you will feel rejuvenated, and the side effect is very enjoyable. Besides the release of stress, erotic massages such as tantric, nuru, and body to body helps treat anxiety, premature ejaculation, relax the muscles, stimulate libido, strengthens the heart and other body organs, and stimulate personal growth. If you want to experience tantric, nuru, prostate, or b2b massage, simply get in touch with our massage Sensual Secrets Tantric Massage London.

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